Toluse Francis

Toluse Francis is a born teacher-trainer, a biochemist and supply chain professional turned mental health practitioner, behavioral change professional, thought leader and author of the various books and courses.
Toluse is a graduate of Biochemistry from Bowen University. He has obtained training and is a Certified Life Coach and member of the American Union of NLP, a practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Trauma-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Studies, Human Nutrition, Psychological First Aid and Psychology to mention a few.
As a therapist, Toluse offers integrative method to working with his clients in areas such as depression, substance use, anxiety, relationship matters to mention a few.
Toluse is the creator and leading authority on The Breaking the Habit Code Coaching Program which helps people break through defective behaviours that hinder them from being their very best at work and in their closet.
Toluse currently volunteers with Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI), Solid Foundation Teens Ministry and The Alright’s Passion Counselors Network where he takes on diverse client cases on a regular basis. He also is the Lead Trainer at MANI where he co-ordinates the training activities of the organization as well as train counselors.
Via his books, podcasts, social media and YouTube channel, Toluse provides meaningful and actionable steps that help people leave their past behind and embrace their future. He demystifies mental health to bits and pieces thereby making the conversation more encouraging and appealing.
Toluse is the Founder of Reuel Consulting and Rising Heroes Network.
In 2019, he was appointed Board Director at the World Federation for Mental Health thereby making him the third Nigerian (only after Late Sir Manuel Manuwa and Prof Gabby Ivbijiaro) and the youngest. He is also a peer reviewer with the Journal of Clinical Psychology.
Find him hanging out on social media at @tolusefrancis on all platforms. Visit his website at
His mantra “Leave your past behind, embrace your future” forms an important part of his motivation to drive Mental Awareness.
2019-Elected Board Director, World Federation for Mental Health
2019-Appointed article reviewer by the Journal of Clinical Psychology
2019-Published own article in Mental Health Global Challenges journal
2017-Health Writer of the Year
2015-Health Blogger of the Year, Nigeria

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