Toluse Francis dedicated his life early on to opening minds and creating change.

Now he regularly speaks to diverse audiences about mental health, mental illness, suicide, advocacy, recovery, and hope. His TEDx Talk, Mental illness and the concept of Asiwere is highly watched and talked about as it brought to fore the issue of stigmatization.

His keynotes, panels, workshops, and media appearances aim to break the stigma that prevents people from speaking openly about their mental health. Toluse believes that freedom is found in overcoming the barriers that stigma, disempowerment, and disconnection build. He has seen countless times, personally and professionally, that each and every person has the potential to unlock their most true and hopeful self regardless of how dark it may seem.

Leave Your Past Behind, Embrace Your Future


Informed by his direct experience with grief and the depression, Toluse Francis has dedicated his life to helping people come out of their poor mental health state through therapy, counseling and speaking at conferences and seminars.

Toluse is the principal and CEO of Toluse Francis Mental Health Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations and individuals to move strategically from basic mental health awareness toward meaningful, measurable action.

Toluse has obtained training in Biochemistry, Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mental Health Studies, Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University, NLP from the American Union of Neurolinguistic Programming to mention a few.

Today, Toluse is a sought after public speaker and active media commentator on issues

Toluse has appeared in several media outlets such as Channels TV, Television Continental, RaveTV, Wazobia FM, Lagos Talks, Nigerian Info to mention a few

Toluse’s TEDx talk, Mental illness and the concept of Asiwere is highly watched and talked about as it brought to fore the issue of stigmatization.

His book Beyond Blue has sold over one thousand copies on the internet to date.

Toluse brings a diverse and unique perspective of someone who has been a patient, a professional, and an influencer in the mental health system.

He currently serves as a Board Director at The World Federation for Mental Health where he oversees the activities of the African region.

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Toluse Francis is available to speak and consult across Nigeria and around the world – on mental health, mental illness, recovery, grief and loss, habits and addiction and suicide prevention for a variety of events and media. He frequently performs keynotes, workshops, and media appearances.

You can listen to audio teaching sessions of Toluse by clicking Here.

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This service is available once you make a request. We believe that everyone deserves to get a chance to live a better life emotionally and mentally. This is available on an individual and group basis. Toluse Francis has for over 5 years offered therapy in the areas of grief and bereavement, addiction and depression.

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Toluse Francis is open to working with corporate organizations as well as individuals who desire to have their staff evaluated.

Toluse has consulted for companies like X3M, FanMilk, African Mental Health Matters, British Council to mention just a few

Life Coaching

Toluse Francis is a certified Life Coach. He is ever ready to show you the direction your life should take by guiding you. Toluse guides you to make decisions that matter for your life and ultimately your career, relationship.

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Ghost Writing

Toluse Francis is a think tank. He is ever thinking and willing to share thoughts and ideas through his ink and voice. He writes across various subjects and is available by request and contracts. He was signed as an influencer writer by OperaNews and has before this time written for other blogs.

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