This service is available once you make a request. We believe that everyone deserves to get a chance to live a better life emotionally and mentally. This is available on an individual and group basis. Toluse Francis has for over 5 years offered therapy in the areas of grief and bereavement, addiction and depression.

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Toluse Francis is open to working with corporate organizations as well as individuals who desire to have their staff evaluated.

Toluse has consulted for companies like X3M, FanMilk, African Mental Health Matters, British Council to mention just a few

Life Coaching

Toluse Francis is a certified Life Coach. He is ever ready to show you the direction your life should take by guiding you. Toluse guides you to make decisions that matter for your life and ultimately your career, relationship.

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Ghost Writing

Toluse Francis is a think tank. He is ever thinking and willing to share thoughts and ideas through his ink and voice. He writes across various subjects and is available by request and contracts. He was signed as an influencer writer by OperaNews and has before this time written for other blogs.

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